Slovak life in England. How is he?

According to official statistics, there are currently almost every 80 Slovaks in England. There should be about 65,000 of those who officially work here. But this number is definitely not accurate. Many Slovaks work illegally in England or do not work at all. But they all brought the same goal here - the desire for a better life and higher earnings than in Slovakia. However, not everyone in Britain is doing well.

What Slovaks do in England

Several factors determine whether a Slovak will be successful in England. However, language skills are probably the most important. The advantage is definitely education and clearly also work experience. Statistics say that almost 50% Slovaks are employed in administration and management. Which is very positive. It is therefore not true that Slovaks can only be employed abroad in less qualified positions, or that they work here exclusively manually. There is also a large representation of Slovaks in the hotel industry, but also in industry and food.

The largest Slovak communities

Living abroad, away from family and home, is not always easy. Perhaps that is why it is common for compatriots to associate mostly in the same English cities. And where in England can you find the most Slovaks? Clearly in Warrington, Cheshire. They are mainly employed here by the Unilever cleaning factory, but also by the Marks and Spencer clothing brand warehouse. It is an industrial area, so there are many job opportunities. However, Slovaks also live in big cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and, of course, London.

Everyone is united by a desire for home

Although many Slovaks in England have been involved, they still do not forget their home. During the year, they celebrate traditional Slovak holidays with their families. Respectively, they celebrate the holidays as they did at home.

They associate in Slovak communities, where they not only have fun, but also advise and help each other. It is also common for them to have a package sent to England with traditional Slovak delicacies that they lack abroad.

Fortunately, even in England, there is already the opportunity to buy Slovak products. You can do so online on the website, or visit Polish and Slovak shops, which are very popular and sought after by our people.

If possible, "English Slovaks" spend holidays in Slovakia, where they visit family and friends. And they often return to England with full luggage of Slovak goodies. The life of Slovaks in England is certainly varied. But most of them agree that they will definitely return to Slovakia after a while.

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