Issuance of diplomas in Latin by Czech ancient universities

The practice is to translate Latin diplomas into other languages. Czech universities, in particular and literally these are: the Czech Faculty of Medicine, then it also lags behind in this, as our colleague aptly remarked today, certified translator of English, i.e. they issue some proof of education in accordance with the traditions of the Latin world, that is, one that is several thousand years old.

Latin is not a living language anywhere in the world - it is not even spoken by the Vatican - it lacks a modern vocabulary. And so that one can translate diplomas from Latin with a court stamp - ie. to become a stamp interpreter, he must have this Latin at the same university of age FL Age graduated today. In particular, 3 groups want to translate Latin:

  • people who make sure that the tattooing of the symbol on their body is about an eternal instance / specifically the bodies (or limbs) of boys and girls
  • people, institutes and libraries that work with English Latin texts (purpose school, private research)
  • and last but not least, graduates who go to Germany, England, etc. with a diploma from the Faculty of Medicine for better working conditions.

This last group, which will study the field at the Faculty of Medicine and then have to find a translation for a diploma (bachelor's, master's, medical), a court interpreter who translates Latin into Czech with a stamp. This is followed by a search for another translator, e.g. pro translation into German or English.

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