Experience in sending packages. How to do it?

There are several companies on the market today that provide parcel transport. The last time I chose DHL, I decided to write a small article about my good experience as a review of the service.

DHL PARCEL SHOP is a reliable partner in the delivery and sending of packages. In addition to delivery by courier, you can also pick up the package at the PARCEL SHOP, ie at the place that suits you best.


Package prices

The price of parcel delivery depends on the dimensions of the shipment and the destination country. Within Slovakia, packages are delivered from € 3.49. The price of transport also includes package insurance up to € 2,500. Except for package prices One of the advantages of the DHL PARCEL SHOP is that it is accessible to everyone. Anyone can send the package without being bound by the contract. Sending a package via DHL is therefore a fast, simple and affordable solution. You can pay the cash on delivery to the courier in cash or by card when receiving the package. You can also count on e-mail and SMS notifications and a growing number of ParcelShops, in which you can pick up the package.

DHL Tracking

System DLH Tracking and Tracing allows you to track the movements of your shipments. This will give you a perfect overview of where your package is currently located. If you use the DHL Parcel Slovensko service in the morning, the package can be delivered to the recipient by 10.00 on the next working day. DLH delivers packages and documents quickly and reliably. Packages delivered within Slovakia may have a maximum length of the longest side of 2 m, while the sum of the circumference and length must not exceed 3 m, the maximum weight is 50 kg.

Packages to England

As part of international transport, it is also possible to deliver the package to the United Kingdom. Packages to England are delivered for a price from 30 €, while the price of transport also includes insurance of the shipment up to 2,500 €. If you want insurance for a higher amount, this is possible for a small surcharge. You can also count on active communication, SMS and e-mail notifications for international transport. You can track the movement of shipments through the Tracking and Tracing system.

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