Sabinov is located in Prešov Region, on the banks of the river Torysa. The origin of the townships is closely connected with King Bel IV. Legend has it that after losing the battle with the Mongols, the king tried to save himself from the enemy, so he jumped into the flooded river Torysa. That's when he started drowning. Suddenly a girl appeared on the boat and pulled the king out of the water. Then she took him with her and provided him. As a reward, she asked the king to promise to remember her and never forget her. Because it was called Sabina, he named the city Sabinov.

sabinov(Sabin Center)

It offers a number of paintings by famous artists, period furniture and rare photographs depicting history Sabinov Municipal Museum.

A new statue has beautified the square since last year, and it is the statue of Sabina, which is supposed to commemorate the history of the city of Sabinov. Today, the city boasts a number of important buildings, rare cultural monuments, which undoubtedly include the City Museum with rare exhibits of local artists, paintings by local painters, period furniture, historical photographs of Sabinov, folk traditions and other attractions.

District Sabinov(Sabinov District)

The dominant feature of the city is the Roman Catholic Church, which forms a healthy historical core of the city. The jewel of the city is the board with the Oscar award for filming: Shop on the Bark. For those who prefer water, there is a public swimming pool with three pools, a children's playground, a tennis court, beach volleyball and more. Memories of fallen heroes war in Sabinov commemorates the monument.

Shop on the bark(Scene from the movie shop on the bark)

If you come to Sabinov in winter, there is a winter stadium and a football stadium with an artificial turf in summer. The Šariš region really has a lot to offer visitors. The perfect stay also includes tasty snacks and a peaceful sleep. These services are also prepared for you in nearby hotels, apartments or guesthouses. Unforgettable experiences when wandering through nature, healthy air and quiet environment. This is Saris and the town of Sabinov.

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