Do you wear sunglasses correctly according to the outside temperature?

What do you think of the words men and sunscreen? Probably not much. Due to the lack of sun protection for the Irish, the University of Queensland in Australia conducted a study focusing on men and their use of this sunscreen.

What the experts say

Experts found that the vast majority of men applied sunscreen to their bodies when they were accompanied by a woman and their child, who were creamed. Respondents justified their actions with a simple reason - they were influenced by their partner. However, you need to get advice when buying, you can also ask in a shopping center on the website of the same name, where they have already written many texts about the right choice when shopping.

They also got interesting results when wearing sunglasses. Respondents said they wear glasses when the outside temperature rises above twenty degrees. At temperatures below twenty degrees, respondents thought that wearing sunglasses was not necessary. The sunglasses were not invented so that we could look at the sun longer. The primary effect is to protect our eyes from direct sunlight. Wearing sunglasses in combination with breathable dark clothing that reflects light rays is a way to prevent harmful UV radiation.

Good advice in conclusion

Don't forget the sunscreen! The sunscreen should have a protection factor of at least SPF 30. Before going to the sun, cream your whole body 15 to 30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. To save money, don't forget about coupons and discount codes when shopping online. You can find thousands of active ones in popular Slovak stores on the website An hour before it is enough before entering the water. Water can wipe off the cream faster, so don't forget to repaint.

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