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In late 2020, Google surprised users of its popular service Google Photos (Google Photos). As of June 2021, Google has stopped providing free photo storage. After the new one, the photos will be stored in the standard capacity of 15 Gb, which is available to every account free of charge. After a certain amount of photos and videos, when you use up this capacity, you will no longer upload new Google photos to the cloud (storage) without payment and you will have to pay for additional capacity. Let's look at the TOP alternatives to Google photos available today:

Your photos backed up and always online

Your capacity will decrease with each photo and in a few months you will have free capacity and the "free" storage will miraculously be paid. You will no longer upload new photos to your online gallery without payment. Google is losing a huge competitive advantage, and people are obviously starting to look for alternatives. Let's look at the more cost-effective alternatives to Google Photos on the market today:

The best cloud (storage) for your photos


In the first place is deservedly the website of the New Green Company Mega Ltd. This cloud is a global fixture and is one of the most famous online repositories on the Internet. It provides up to 50 Gb of storage for free and offers multiple programs, including document sharing and high security. The cheapest will suffice for photos and videos PRO Lite package for 4.90 per month. This will give you many benefits and especially up to 400 GB of space.

Excellent speed (upload / download)It does not have a family program
Mobile applicationAbsence of tools for online creation
High security
Photo function in the mobile application
Share photos with family or friends
Excellent and intuitive environment

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If you are looking cloud in europe, PCloud will be just right for you. This European storage for photos and documents offers something completely different from the competition. Lifetime plan. This is a program where you buy a place for a one-time fee and you don't have to worry about other payments. For example, they currently sell 500 Gb for 175 euros with a guarantee of at least 10 years, that is, the price 500 Gb corresponds to 1.75 EUR / month with a long-term investment. Of course, the price includes all the benefits such as storing photos, files, creating backups, sharing content and high security of sensitive information. If you would like to pay monthly and you don't like a one-time investment, there is an option to pay 4.99 Eur / month for 500 Gb storage which is not a bad price at all.

Space from 500 Gb to 2 TBThe environment deserves an update
Excellent price for long-term investmentAbsence of tools for online creation
Mobile application 
Excellent speed (upload / download) 
Photo function in the mobile application

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As a second alternative we can offer you Idrive, this product is aimed at more demanding users. This is also related to the generous storage that this service offers. The cheapest package offers huge 5 TB (5,000 Gb) for $ 52 a year. If you calculate this price and convert it to euros. You only pay 3.5 Euros per 5 TB per month here! 

Huge space (5TB)Poor photo sharing capabilities
Great price if you are looking for a large storeAbsence of tools for online creation
SecurityThe environment could have been more beautiful
Mobile application
Unlimited number of devices

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These services are excellent cloud solutions for your files, backups, programs, videos and images. Cloud today is a great solution for keeping your information safe and always at hand. Whether you are at the end of the world, all you need is the internet and your data or photos are always with you. Don't forget to think carefully about which service you choose, with a cloud you will easily get used to the "luxury" of the availability of the information they provide. You will use the benefits of storage during a business trip, on vacation as well as during a normal day.

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