What to look out for when sending a package abroad?

Are you sending a package abroad? Nothing special nowadays. After all, almost everyone today has family, friends or at least acquaintances who live abroad. Although sending a package to the world is quite common, not everyone does it right. Therefore, it happens that the packages are undelivered or arrive damaged. Of course, it's usually not the carrier's fault. The sender must also help to ensure that the package is delivered abroad safely. To avoid possible damage, we have written a list of things for you to pay attention to when sending the package.

1. Be careful how you pack the package abroad

It is unwise to put a fragile thing in a thin box and expect it to travel half the world without damage. So make sure it is yours package abroad thoroughly and securely packed. Use quality packaging material and filling that prevents things from moving in the package. Always wrap more fragile things in bubble wrap!

2. Put only what you are allowed in the package

What does it mean? Some things are from shipments excluded. It is therefore forbidden to transport them in packages. Such things include, for example, dangerous goods such as weapons, counterfeit goods, valuables, addictive substances and the like. Before sending the package, find out which things are forbidden to send to the country. If you do not know the advice, the transport company will definitely help you.

3. The correct address is the basis

Many packages are "lost" because the address is incorrect or the address label is detached from the package. Therefore, always state the complete address and write it legibly, in block letters. The full sender's address must also be missing. Attach the address label to the package thoroughly.

4. Follow the instructions of the transport company

If the transport company has the prescribed maximum package dimensions, observe them. If it has a list of items excluded from transport, follow it. If necessary, communicate with the courier. And so it could be continued. Simply put, you also help to ensure that the package arrives abroad in order.

5. Choose a reliable carrier

Choosing a reliable carrier is one of the most important conditions for the safe delivery of a package abroad. Although you will find countless different courier companies on the web, not all of them boast sufficient experience and positive reviews. So before you entrust your package to a shipping company, make sure that it is really reliable.

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