If you select to Little Fatra you will definitely like to stop at Martinské holy. This place will not only give you a nice view of the city of Martin, but you will also find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature, full of rare natural monuments, various species of animals, nooks full of flowers and other attractions. Martinske hole are part of the National Park, and therefore are a popular destination for our and foreign tourists.

Mala Fatra

If you visit Martinské hole in winter, you can play sports or ski together on eight 46-kilometer-long ski slopes. In summer you can enjoy cycling, which has routes for demanding and less demanding in the length of several kilometers. In addition, you can see three castle ruins, mansions, mineral springs and many other interesting nooks. Comfortable accommodation will provide its visitors with comfortable type apartments. They are equipped with a kitchen with the most necessary accessories, dining room, bedroom, living room, shower, toilet and a spacious balcony.

Martinske hole

An attractive sport that attracts tourists on Martinské holy is snowboarding. You can try this at the Javorina ski lift. For those who are just deciding whether to start and how, there is a ski school under the guidance of trained instructors. If you get very hungry after a demanding sport, this is no problem. Up to three restaurants will provide you with meals right on the slope. If you like quality food and drinks, they will prepare them for you on the Floch ski slope in the glass bar.

Like Martinske hole, the surroundings are also interesting. Nearby is Strečniansky Castle and directly below it the river Váh, where you can try sailing on wooden rafts. Therefore, do not hesitate and visit Turiec, where you will find admirable natural scenery, healthy air and many other surprises.

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