A picturesque town with a romantic harbor

On the coast approximately in the middle of Croatia is a small town that previously had its own island - Rogoznica. Its location is a sought-after and interesting destination. The larger city of Split is less than 42 km away and Sibenik 32 km. Rogoznica is located on the island and the peninsula of Kopar. It is interesting that in the 19th century the island was connected to the peninsula embankment and nowadays it is not a problem to get here by car or a romantic walk along the sea.

Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax, but still not just lying on the beach? Rogoznica is just such a place for your vacation. You can enjoy the sun on the beautiful little beaches, which are often hidden among the trees (Kanica, Lozica, Oštrička), where there is fine gravel and you don't need shoes in the water, except for larger rocky beaches.

Marina Frappa

The port, which is one of the most beautiful ports and is the crown of the beauty of the Adriatic, is the heart of Rogoznica itself, beautiful Croatia as in the palm of your hand. If you want to rent a boat or just walk in the evening at sunset, you will definitely not regret it. On the coast of the marina there is a 10 pier and a transit pier, which is 365 m long and also suitable for "mega" yachts.

There are several stories about the marina that tell of a miraculous security guard watching over this port. Our Lady, the inhabitants of the town inexplicably appeared on the Rogoznica rock. Or the story of a fisherman who found a picture of the Virgin Mary fishing, and then the locals decided to build a small church to dedicate it to her. When the town was hit by smallpox in 1887, which claimed loss of life, the locals decided to go barefoot to this church to pray. And even those who were sick were healed.

Salt Lake "Zmajevo oko"

A natural phenomenon. There is salt water in the lake, although you do not see any connection to the sea. It is believed that the lake was formed by the collapse of a cave. The lake is surrounded by several legends. It often happened that there was a greater death of fish, which was due to the fact that sometimes the lake lacks oxygen. The locals called this the awakening of the terrible dragon in the lake. Don't worry, the water in the lake is suitable for swimming and the adrenaline rush is to jump into the lake from the cliff.

The lake is named after the dragon Murin, which is also the most famous legend associated with the lake. Dragon Murinwho was an illegitimate son of the goddess Hera a god of the sea Posejdonwho ruled a nearby island and protected the inhabitants. He asked for the most beautiful girl in the village for this protection and wanted her for his bride. One day he showed up Aristotlewho fell in love with a girl who was supposed to be another victim of the dragon Murina. Aristoles challenged the dragon to a duel. Mortally wounded, the dragon scratched its eyes with its claws during its last moments. He threw one eye behind the island of Mljeta and the other fell at his feet, and melted the stone. The sea spilled into the newly formed hole. The happy ending for Aristotle and his chosen one has made people believe for centuries that a loving couple bathing in a lake will have happiness and love all their lives.

Tourism, romance, fun

In every part of this town there is something that will make your holiday more pleasant. Beautiful sunset on the beach, great food in the restaurant next to the harbor. There are several beautiful places that are worth seeing and have beautiful views.

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