A camera that gets almost everywhere: a borescope

Borescopes are very handy camera systemswhich get to places otherwise absolutely inaccessible. The sensing sensor is at the end of a flexible tube (gooseneck), which, like wire, gets almost everywhere.

boroscopeAccording to the price, the quality of the borescope increases, as well as the available optical systems (mini-lenses), the quality of the image output, the lighting (you almost always watch something in difficult light conditions up to complete darkness), the sensor chip (CMOS or CCD). In our country, they are sometimes called endoscopes, although we sometimes associate endoscopy with medicine. Borescopes they have a very handy use both in industry and at home.

So get ready - the list of things to do with a boroscope is very long. You will definitely use it in case of failure of machines and equipment, when you can't get somewhere, we examine pipes, turbines, engines, heaters with it. they will watch him on video. They are also used by pyrotechnicians on suspicious objects, by cleaning companies to clean mold in pipes and so on and so forth.

boroskop3We will use them in education, in laboratories, underwater, in construction. But we can also watch, for example, moles in the ground or other animals that are hiding from our eyes. Borescopes have more subspecies, for example, they are fibrous or fixed (although they cannot be bent, but they provide a better image)… The outer eye is usually 4 to 8 millimeters wide (tens of millimeters are used here).

On the cool-mania.eu consumer borescopes are sold, which are used by most ordinary users. The non-destructive nature of these handy cameras is their main advantage. Borescopes up to 100 euros usually do not have the same durability as professional instruments and therefore the average customer should keep this in mind. "Profi" borescopes are resistant to high temperatures, chemicals or high pressure. Portable, lightweight and ever-improving systems have a bright future.

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