How to know a good course in Italian (or another language), or how and what a good teacher should be able to do

  • The basis and the main actor quality course is a lecturer anyway .. It creates the necessary atmosphere and is basically a mediator of new knowledge for students.

  • If we decide, for example, on the basis of marketing or advertising for Italian course in a renowned language school, this is not a guarantee of the above.

What a really good teacher should bring to an Italian course and what kind of person should he be

  • Good lecturer he should be mainly human

  • A good tutor should be your friend to help you with your language difficulties

  • A good lecturer should be able to master his field at the appropriate level (in this case Italian), but at the same time still have a certain amount of "human"

  • Good lecturer should be open to new possibilities and have good communication skills

  • A good tutor should be willing to admit when he can't do something

  • A good tutor should be able to give you the answer to most of your theoretical and practical questions, ideally in the language taught (in the case of Italian courses - in Italian)

  • A good lecturer should have a sense of humor, but at the same time be able to confirm if he finds that the situation demands it (a bad lecturer can be easily softened and will not keep the attention of his students)

  • A good lecturer should be a person, preferably with a variety of life and work experiences, in order to be able to understand working people well and better understand their needs.

  • A good lecturer should be able to both teach theory well and give appropriate practical examples

  • A good tutor should have excellent communication skills in the language

  • The best lecturer has an authentic accent in the given language

  • The best lecturer should be able to fluently alternate the theoretical and practical level of teaching and be a very clear virtual textbook in space, which is, unlike the written word in a classic textbook, a kind of 3D image

  • The best lecturer should have the best communication skills

What should be the language and professional skills of a good or best Italian teacher:

  • The teacher should have a good command of the language taught

  • A teacher who knows another foreign language and at the same time knows how this language works can make good use of this in teaching

  • The lecturer should definitely not be a person - a foreigner who does not know the grammar of his native language (as my client once named very humorously - a lawyer - once also a foreign language teacher, namely: "someone who came here to talk in their native language")

  • The lecturer should meet at least one of the following criteria: study Italian at university, or study Italian abroad or at a language school in the Czech Republic, or possibly have a really great interest in the language and at the same time personal experience with the language in the environment of the given foreign country (in this case Italy). So if the lecturer has any of these experiences or better a combination of more of them, then there is a high probability that you met a person who will give you something

  • Lecturer who, in addition to teaching, masters at least one of the other language disciplines - interpreting or translation, he can also be a person who will be able to advise in other areas, such as how to use the language really at work. Furthermore, the lecturer is a person from practice (a person with an overlap, not an artificial PF product), ie not only a theorist, but also one who can better understand why you want to learn Italian at all. Such a lecturer will support you and explain to you that you do not have to be ashamed that it is you who wants to learn the language. And you will also learn it well.

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