A good jacket is above all…

We should go out with the kids every day. It is especially beneficial for their health. Exercise in the fresh air is the best thing you can give their immune system. Among other things, it is very important to move, so that they warm up nicely in the morning and especially exhausted.

When you return home, lunchtime sleep will definitely be less demanding, it will take much less time and your mother will have a little time for herself a little earlier. However, the weather is not always good for us and it is important to make sure that the child is sufficiently protected from the cold weather. In this case, fusaks are perfect helpers. Many people will immediately get the idea of a rough winter fleece jacket, but today you can also buy a temporary fusak suitable for colder summer evenings or autumn days.

What are fusakas made of?

There are currently on the market fusaks of various colors, patterns, sizes and also the materials from which they are made may vary. The basic certainty, however, is that whatever fleece you choose will undoubtedly be resistant to water, wind and winter. Fusaks are an excellent solution for keeping a child warm, not only in a stroller, but also in a sledge and, with certain tips, in car seats. The materials used are natural and are mainly cotton and wool. What is the benefit of natural materials? The fleece jackets are airy, thanks to which they will keep enough heat, but at the same time your child will not sweat.

Microfiber is a popular, though not natural, material. It is an airy, soft, stain-resistant material, so it is very easy and good to maintain. If you know you will find yourself in an area where winter can drop below zero, then you should focus on fleece fleece jackets, which have ideal thermoregulatory properties down to -15 ̊C. The fleece liner can also be purchased separately, so if you already have a fleece jacket, this is no complication.

Fusak in summer?

While it may seem strange, it is! You will marry fusaky even for the summer months. They are perfect especially in that they are flexible. You can unclip the upper part of the summer fleece jackets and you can easily get a stroller insert. If you do not need to cover the baby's legs, the buttocks and back will still be warm.

If you want to put it all together, you also have the option. In that case, you are looking for year-round fleece jackets, which consist of an outer and inner fleece jacket. You can use both fusak separately and, of course, depending on the weather. Nylon and polyester are usually used for the outer part of year-round fleece jackets, and the most commonly used materials for the inner part are fleece and cotton, which will warm your little one pleasantly. You have something to choose from, now you just make the right decision!

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