What the frost will do to your weapon

None of the extreme weather conditions do your weapon well. They work best in neutral conditions and, for example, such rain, high humidity, excessive heat or frost shorten their service life. If you belong to the people who have weapons, for example airsoft, used mainly in the cold or it simply requires your profession, you need to increase your attention. Do you still want your weapon to work long-term and reliably? If so, read carefully. In today's article, we'll take a closer look at what frost does to it and what you should think about when using it in this weather.

Frost is the enemy of all weapons

Low temperature reduces the life of almost everything. Under its action, materials harden, embrittle and are thus much more prone to damage, breakage or cracking. Weapons are, unfortunately, made of materials that react unfavorably to frost. So if you expose them to such weather for a long time and regularly, you can expect problems.

The basic recommendation is to try to eliminate situations during which you use the weapon in the cold. If at all possible, plan airsoft or other similar events for more favorable conditions. However, sometimes this is not possible, especially if working with a weapon is your profession. Then you have to think about the frost in advance.

Remember that frost is for yours weapon enemy, and it practically does not matter whether it is gas, air, electric or airsoft. And you need to fight it - in case you want to protect and use it for a long time.

The most common problems

In order to be able to protect your weapon even in negative temperatures, it is necessary to know the most common problems. We will look at them from a general point of view and we will try to reveal as many of the inconveniences associated with frost as possible in several species.

We know from experience that the most likely damage during frosts is a damaged gearbox. Cheaper and lower quality brands in particular can cause problems. However, the assortment of the AFG.sk online store offers high quality. However, problems can occur, so you need to think about them in advance and make the necessary adjustments.

Rubber is another example of a material that does not work best in frost. It solidifies in weapons, does not engage and reduces their functionality. They then do not shop and may betray you when you need it the least. The solution may be rubber bands that are softer. Rubber bands need to be replaced especially for gas weapons, the use of which is generally no longer recommended at sub-zero temperatures. However, if you still insist on using them, in addition to changing the rubber band, make sure that you lubricate the weapon, ideally with quality oil, and also use a gas with a higher pressure. But even these steps will not guarantee you a 100% operation of the gas weapon in winter.

Weapon batteries also do not work properly in winter. These are, for example, NiMh batteries, whose efficiency and functionality in winter environments are rapidly declining. If you know that you will need your weapon in negative temperatures, we recommend that you choose lithium batteries, which are more suitable in winter and especially more reliable.

Weather is a factor to think about in advance. Even if we can't influence it, it's always better to be prepared - for rain or humidity, as well as for frost. Experts from AFG.sk They will be happy to help you choose your weapon and components for every situation.

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