Many historical monuments, cathedrals and famous Deitrichstein Palace offers its visitors the city of Brno. The city of Brno is one of the largest cities in Moravia and the largest trade fair cities in Central Europe. It is rightly called the royal city. Visitors are especially attracted by its cultural and historical monuments, of which the city is very rich. The oldest palace building in the city is the Deitrichstein Palace.

Dietrichstein Palace(Dietrichstein Palace)

At present, visitors can see permanent exhibitions, but also exhibits Moravian Museum. The most beautiful gems of important Moravian towns are a feast for the eyes. This museum is the largest in the Czech Republic, but also the second oldest. The museum's collection consists of almost six million rare items. In addition, there are lectures, excursions, exhibitions, activities for children on weekends, but also during the holidays. The Moravian Museum also includes buildings located below the cathedral Church of St. Peter and Paul. Visitors can see them under the name Biskupský Dvor.

Church of St. Peter and Paul(Church of St. Peter and Paul)

Mushroom pickers, but also fishermen, will definitely enjoy themselves here. There is an aquarium of freshwater fish and mushroom models. If you are asked to move to the time when mammoths lived, at least for a short time, then the Anthropos pavilion is the best place. Children are sure to attract mammoths, which are life-size. Those who like adrenaline, walk through the underground corridors of the city of Brno and you will have charming things in the palm of your hand. You will see the Constance of St. Jakuba, underground cellars or cellars.

anthropos(Anthropos Pavilion)

If you decide to continue the historical monuments, h, you will do well when you visit Špilberk Castle and Veveří Castle. It is interesting that you can get to the castle by steamboat or boat. So how about a look at the Old Town Hall with trumpeters? In nice uniforms, they blow the trumpet on the tower all summer every afternoon. If you are a lover of classical music, you should visit the birthplace of the composer Leoš Janáček.

Spilberk in Brno(Špilberk Castle)

The icing on the cake for visitors to Brno is Brno Exhibition Grounds. Even demanding visitors will enjoy themselves here. If the noise in the city echoes and you long for relaxation, there are also plenty of pleasant, quiet and educational trails. Nice Moravian forests and forest wells will provide you with the best rest and healthy relaxation. If you are not attracted by car or train, tickets to Brno or Prague can be bought cheaply online today. Brno offers you many other nice places, you just have to travel and you will definitely not regret it. 

Brno Exhibition Grounds(Brno Exhibition Grounds)

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