One Asian manufacturer of CNC equipment wrote basic mistakes made by machine operators in the production of parts. These are usually things that are easy to avoid - and after which the parts are not exactly shaped, have "burns", unwanted cuts or various inaccuracies, which you can only find out when assembling them.

Using the wrong tool or setting incorrectly. The wrong tool (such as a drill bit) can leave marks on the part, edges that are too rough, or burnt protruding iron filings on the edges. An even more common problem is when the part looks good, but the tool wears out and is destroyed too quickly.

Insufficiently trained staff. Of course, there is a difference between an operator and a programmer. Knowledge in the field of industrial production must be constantly updated, for example, textbooks in schools should be changed every five years - technologies are evolving.

Poor tool maintenance. The machines must be cared for, cleaned, fluids, oils and filters checked regularly, and repaired. A small amount of dirt binds other dirt together and over time the tool may become less accurate.

Programming error. Component designs are often complicated and sophisticated at the same time. Improper understanding of the problem or poor sequence of steps can reduce the quality of the result, or even devalue it.

Negligence in clamping or securing the material. Improperly inserted piece of metal, its poor clamping - results in material removal during production. This must be avoided. The gripping jaws must be set correctly and it is always better if the material is gripped at several points at once.

Tool vibration. It can often be determined by the noise you hear. CNC machinery it must be properly anchored to a solid surface and even thousands of revolutions of the tool per minute should not shake it above a certain level. Sometimes a small amount can cause vibration - for example, a worn tool spindle.

CNC equipment overheating. Production temperatures often reach 100 degrees Celsius or more - especially in mass production or long use in a single cycle. The device must not only be cleaned of dirt and waste material, but also cooled, properly lubricated and allowed to rest. Temperature fluctuations do not have a good effect on machines or products - pay attention to air conditioning, open windows, heating and the like.

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