4 main sources of increased humidity in houses and flats

Increased humidity is a problem for almost every home or building at this time of year. Do you already have enough bubbling paint, mold on the ceilings and condensation in your houses and apartments? Let's look at some of the basic reasons why your walls and health suffer. It is up to you to take measures to prevent increased humidity.

Source 1: Shower and bathroom

Bathrooms are often very humid places in houses and moisture is released into the air of the surrounding rooms. something as simple as taking a shower. As moisture mixes with the air, water vapor is created and it eventually comes into contact with the cold surface and droplets form on things like mirrors or windows.

Source 2: Cooking and kitchen

Winter is the season of soups and soups are like a bubbling charge for our humidity in the household, such a really 2-hour cooking can "infest the household" for several hours.

Source 3: Drying laundry

The purpose of drying clothes is just to get moisture from our clothes into the environment, so all the moisture from the washing machine travels back to our walls and to our lungs. Avoid excessive drying or buy a dryer.

Source 4: Ambient humidity and house construction

What your house or apartment looks like can have a very significant effect on its humidity, also the location and region where you live has a huge impact on the height of humidity, when building a house do not forget about the correct insulation and placement of windows and the quality of materials.

If the causes are an insurmountable problem for you and you do not know how to limit these sources of moisture from home, you do not have to panic, there are many on the market today air dryers which can help you effectively from excessive moisture. It is important to choose the right machine to suit your home or business exactly. Experienced staff or an eshop will advise you today to choose the best one.



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