Top 5 Children’s Site for Money Management

Kids look up to parents when growing up and almost all the things they do they learn from their parents. Spending habits are one of the things children might pick up from parents. While parents can teach so much to their children about money matter, the internet is load of sites that can do the teaching as well.

Browse down below for the top 5 sites all across the web that can teach your kid everything about saving, spending, and sharing money.

1. Never Go Astray with MoneyTrail

MoneyTrail helps your child keep track of money and allowance. It helps by splitting your child’s money into cash, check, and gift checks. The site comes with an Automatic Purchases option so the child can configure auto charging for gaming subscriptions and cellular phones charges, things the parents are not paying for. MoneyTrail is ideal for IOU processes and helps keep your children’s money intact.

Money Management for Kids |

Money Management for Kids |

2. Build Your Child’s World with Tykoon

Tykoon aids parents in allowance money tracking and pay handling to their children. The child can use his or her account to request for money to be spent on toys or gadgets, which will have to be approved by parents first. If they approve, the parents’ credit card will be used for spending; charges and subtractions will reflect on the parents’ virtual money after purchase.

3. Know Money’s Worth with Kidworth

This site allows family members to send money to a kid’s account through personalized gift cards. Children are to fill a wish list so other family members can view and won’t spend so much time guessing what to give for birthdays and holiday. The child is able to keep track of his or her money in virtual representations. The child can place money in save, spend, and share sections and parents are notified.

Resources & Tips for Teaching Money Management Skills to Preschool

Resources & Tips for Teaching Money Management Skills to Preschool

4. Fill Up for Dreams with Virtual Piggy

Online purchasing is secure through Virtual Piggy. Parent are notified when their children decides to buy something off the internet. Parents are able to setup spending limitations per store and children are only able to buy from approved sites. Children account can be put on hold if they are unable to complete a task or have low academic performances. Also, the site aids children in understanding saving, spending, and sharing even better.

5. Work and Get Rewarded with My Job Chart

A top billed site for chore chart and rewards tracking, the site enables parents to log in and assign tasks to their children. The child can then enter the site, complete the task, and see points added right after the task is complete. The points can be converted to cash for saving, spending, or sharing. Parents can link bank accounts so their child can buy from approved sites like Amazon. The parents of course will have to be notified first before purchases are completed.

There are a lot of tools to choose from. Visit each one and see which addresses your needs. Start helping your children do wise decisions with their money today!

Top-Rated Senior Dating Sites For 2013

Just when you thought that online dating sites are for the young and the mid-aged, think again! There have been numerous online dating sites catering to incoming senior and the officially seniors too. Does this segment of the market really need sites like these? Yes of course.

There are many senior men and women seriously looking for potential partners — widows, widowers and divorcees alike. Why should these kinds of people be left out of the dating scene? But unlike young or middle-aged individuals, most seniors may have an innocent tendency to be vulnerable and may unknowingly succumb themselves to some known dangers lurking in online dating sites. We’ve listed down the best-rated senior online dating sites that guide seniors on dating smartly and safely. They also have popular site features to give the best site experience.

Dating Unfolded - Dating Site Reviews

Dating Unfolded – Dating Site Reviews, N

Did you know that a big part of Zoosk was just a Facebook application before it became so famous? Eventually, it evolved to completely become a website with full features. It has become the fastest growing seniors dating site since. With over 50 million active subscribers and potential dates or partners, even the young adult are already joining this site.

You’ve heard of Match being a really good online dating site; it caters to a variety of age segments. What’s popular about this site is its six months guarantee that you will find a compatible senior match. Registration is free but there’s a coupon that gives 20% discount on the site’s full membership.

If you want something basic that works well then this site is for you. Take advantage of their compatibility matching system that narrows down choices of compatible mates for you.

There must be a valid reason why this site is considered the no.1 site for mature hookups like casual sex relationship. Senior singles, gay singles or couples can surely find expression for their naughty side.

Totally not for the immature in love and relationship. This site is good for recovering divorcees, separated, widows and widowers. There are features in this site that guides you to the dos and don’ts of getting back on the dating scene.


Let your wild side loose in a one night of romantic encounter. Great site for instant hookups – no hard and fast rules, just mature naughty fun and adventure.

As the name implies this site is geared to making the 50+ year olds alive in the dating scene. Dedicated to helping you find your ideal match that would add spice to your senior life.

This is another online matchmaking site for single men and women 50 years and above. If you are specifically on the lookout for like-minded, mature senior as potential next partner in life, then this site is for you.

This is another popular and fast becoming senior matchmaking site with over 400,000 active members. Their service is concentrated on helping you find another senior for a potential date and later, a relationship.

senior dating group uk | best dating site

senior dating group uk | best dating site

Another “mature relationship” rated site for senior singles. This site is equipped with simple but efficient dating tools that let its members communicate with potential date. Its member base is already 300,000 and growing.

Essential Home Gym Equipment And Their Benefits


Gym exercises are quite useful. However, most people have tight and hectic schedules and therefore they do not have the time to go to a traditional gym or health club. There are several reasons why most people are unable to enroll and go to the gym on a regular basis. The gym may be too far which makes travelling alone boring and stressful while some people may be unable to afford the membership fee. On the other hand, the gym facilities in their area may be poorly equipped or equipped with sub-standard equipment. However, these shortcomings do not limit your chances of performing regular workout.

Build a home gym that suits your needs

The gym is not the only place you can perform your work out. In fact, you can exercise in the comfort of your home. However, anyone who wants to construct a home gym should decide the exact items they need. For healthy workout, you require different types of movement. Therefore, every home gym requires machines for strength training, cardio training and flexibility training which will provide workouts that are fully balanced covering all areas of your body.

Home Gym Convenience

Home Gym Convenience

Three Exercise Equipment for Every Home Gym


The treadmill is very essential and it is mainly used for cardio exercises. Moderate exercise such as walking, jogging and running increases your heart rate through endurance workout which burns calories and builds muscle. Treadmills are simple to use and appropriate for all fitness levels since it can be easily adjusted to meet your individual needs. Advanced models have computers and monitors that allow different programmed exercise routines.

Essential Home Gym Equipment – On The Cheap

Essential Home Gym Equipment – On The Cheap

Free weights

Free weights are very effective in building strength and toning the body. The free weights will help you to target specific muscles when performing the exercises. They are quite versatile since they can be easily adjusted to produce less or more weight. They are quite effective in increasing muscle. Dumbbells are small, cheap and do not take up much space. They are a must have for a home gym since they add intensity to weight exercises.


A workout bench a cushioned bench with several adjustable components such as the headboard. It is very essential for chair pushups, sit ups, bench presses, and other forms of exercises. It is also very useful for other forms of exercise that require the body to be in an inclined or flat position. The bench positions the body in an ideal position to allow lifting heavy weights and therefore it is ideal for barbells.

Advantages of a Home Gym


People who are new to exercising may not feel comfortable working out in the presence of onlookers. On the other hand, people flexing their muscles in the gym may be looking quite good which may make you quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, your home is ideal since you will be able to start off with lower weights. This is great for a start off.

Ideal equipment

With a home gym, you can choose equipment that is best suited for your needs. This is the best way of paying special attention to areas that need it such as the upper or lower body.


A home gym is quite convenient since you do not have to pay for anything. On the other hand, you do not have to travel since everything is just a few steps away.

Strategies To Make Retirement At 40 Possible

Is it really possible to retire at age 40? Yes and No; everything will depend on your money personality and discipline. But those who may be seriously thinking of retiring at this age could have the discipline it requires to get there; so, for the benefit of the doubt we’ll stick to the “yes, it’s possible”.

Here’s how . . .

First, be practical. By principle of retirement, this means you will continue to live comfortably even without active income coming in. First, you need to define what “comfortable” means to you – this is really a matter of personal perspective. You have to admit that as you grow old, and depending on how well you took care of your health, you could acquire unexpected illnesses that may require you long term health care. This means that apart from living comfortably for the next 25 years (you’ll be 65 by then) you should also have enough to cover for health care in your senior years. So the first order of business would be for you to know exactly how much “comfortable” is worth and multiple that to the number of years or retirement. This will be your starting point. From here you can now decide what “creative” savings and investment strategies you can do to make this happen.

Tips to Get Financially Prepared for Retirement | Make Money | Save ...

Tips to Get Financially Prepared for Retirement | Make Money | Save …

Second, save radically! With this day and age of fancy gadgets, media influence on the places to go and see or what car or SUV to buy, it’s quite hard to get past those social and commercial pressure. It takes a very strong psychological and spiritual conviction to know that none of these things will make a person happy. In other words, stick to your “spend below means” discipline and keep believing that everything else is optional. Practice extreme couponing if you have to, learn about energy efficiency at home, or erase the “convenient” fast-food from your memory.

Third, pay off your debts completely. Nothing eats up your hard-earned money than those high interest bearing consumer debts. Debts on credit cards is the highest compared to other consumer loans. The sooner you pay them off the better for you; you’ll have “new” monies (that were formerly budgeted for these debts) to set aside to save or spend to pay off other loans like your home mortgage. Debts must be paid completely to enjoy the full benefits of your retirement fund.

how to retire happy everything you need to know

how to retire happy everything you need to know

Fourth, invest radically! What better way to use those extra dollars saved than to channel them towards safe and capital appreciating investments like mutual funds, money market and bonds? If you only have ten years before your 40th birthday, then it’s not wise to risk your retirement fund in stock and manage it by yourself. If you like the capital appreciation of stocks, then leave that to the professionals and invest in equity mutual funds instead. With 10 years down the road, this investment will surely give you a substantial return.

Investing in bonds is a good way to guarantee safety of your money too because they commit to capital preservation. Although the return is not high compared to an equity fund, they act as “buffer” to the highs and lows of your equity fund investment.

Stop The Ratrace And Work At Your Own Pace


You don’t have to wait until you’re old and tired to become your own boss. You too can become an entrepreneur is you put your mind to it and plan well in advance.

As you do this, it’s good to know the pros and cons of the journey you are about to take.

The pros

1. Unlimited earnings

The best thing about starting your own enterprise is that your earnings are not limited to a specific figure. Once you close a deal, all the benefits are yours to reap unlike your regular job where you would bill millions of dollars for the company only to get your usual meager salary at the end of the month.

Work at your own pace

Work at your own pace

2. The harder you work, the richer you become

When you start your own gig, your earnings are determined by the amount of effort you put in and many people might see this as a bad thing but in real sense, it is advantageous to you. You see, the thought of having no sure salary at the end of the month motivates one to work harder. The harder you work, the richer you become.

3. Creative space

When you are your own boss, you can do a job the way you want without worrying about office politics. This will enable your creativity to bloom and you will never suffer from boredom as is the norm while working for big companies. You also have the power to choose the clients and the jobs to work on.

Get out of the Rat Race

Get out of the Rat Race

4. Recreational time

Self-employment helps you live life like a boss. One can choose to work hard for a whole week continuously and play golf or any other recreational activity the next one. This is why rich people live longer as they get enough time to relieve stress.

5. Skills improvement

A business enterprise is like a wine bottle. The older it gets the better it gets. New challenges along the way improve your skills and make you a better business person. Fewer blunders will occur as you get more accustomed.

6. Job security

With your own business, the risk of getting fired becomes a thing of the past and you can have peace of mind. Your thoughts will now be more focused on new business prospects as opposed to income loss.

The cons

Most of the cons of self-employment are usually experienced at infant stages. They include:

1. More work with no overtime pay

As opposed to your old job where you were assured of overtime pay, when venturing into self-employment, one is forced to put in more hours with little pay or no pay.

2. Lack of team work

One sometimes finds it hard to adjust to working alone after years of working as part of a great team. This loneliness coupled by a heavy work load can lead to increased stress levels.

3. No guaranteed pay

The first months will be the hardest as you experience payment delays and even some clients refusing to pay at all. This can be very discouraging for an aspiring entrepreneur.

The verdict

As you can see, the pros outnumber the cons so there is no reason for one not to give self-employment a chance. The secret to being your own boss is hoping for the best, planning for the worst and never ever giving up.